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Commercial offers of Ukrainian companies
06 January 2015 10:34

Dear businessmen!

We are glad to present you commercial offers of Ukrainian companies on cooperation.

Agriculture and food industry

Skott Smeat

Producer of Top-quality chilled and frozen beef https://skottsmeat.com/en/

Public Joint Stock Company «State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine»

The company is the national operator of Ukrainian grain market, the leader in storing, processing, shipping and export of grains. As of today, «State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine» is an active and highly-competitive member of the grain market, a stable partner of agrarians, a reliable supplier of grains and food to foreign contractors. Products offered for export: grains, oilseeds, flour, fodder production. Download: commercial offer and presentation

Nut Factory «NutStar»

The Ukrainian enterprise is one of the leading agrarian enterprises in Ukraine, whose production facilities are oriented on the processing and packaging of refined walnuts, followed by the sale of finished products. Download presentation (in Arabic).


The Ukrainian enterprise is a producer of meat of bovine animals, beef meat, boneless meat, frozen, chilled, fresh in particular fresh or chilled bovine carcasses & half carcasses, fresh or chilled meat, bovine cuts with bone in (excl. carcasses), fresh or chilled boneless bovine meat, frozen bovine carcasses & half carcasses, frozen bovine meat cuts with bone in (excl. carcasses). Download Addressing Letter and Commercial Offer

“Agrosoya 2017” LLC

The enterprise is a producer of soybean cake and soybean oil with capacity 1000 and 600 tons per year. Download commercial offer


The main activity of the company at the moment is production of flakes that need cooking and instant from all cereals crops. The company produces classic oat, buckwheat, barley flakes as well as unusual rice, rye and corn ones. “Firmа DIAMANT LTD” produces flakes using the traditional technology of crushing and the European technology of delicate cutting whole grains with double steaming. The company also produces exclusive instant groats of double cleaning, muesli, oatmeal, bran, various types of flour - wholegrain, multigrain, oat, buckwheat flour and others. Download: commercial offer and products catalogue

“ATS Ukraine LLC”

The company is specialized in collecting honey from the ecologically pure regions of Ukraine such as the central region and exporting the honey. It’s the environment and the variety of flowers that are the basis of the quality of our honey. Products offered for export: Natural honey. Download сommercial offer.


The company is engaged in processing of agricultural products and intends to expand the export of a wide range of cereals and oilseeds (food wheat, fodder wheat, barley, corn, sunflower, soybean), as well as products of their processing (soybean and sunflower oil, swirling). Products offered for export: sunflower oil- refined, winterized & deodorized, packed in 1L, 1,8L or 5L bottles; unrefined sunflower oil, soybean oil, sunflower seed meal, corn for feed 3d class. Download commercial offer.

LLC «TPH-Dairy»

The company is engaged in wholesale distribution of oil and fat products of "Baranovsky Milk Factory", as well as fruits, vegetables and deep-frozen deep-fried and fast food semi-finished products. Download: commercial offer, presentation, catalogue 1 and catalogue 2

LLC «Bee Cell»

The company produces typical Ukrainian blend of natural polyflora honey with the high percentage of sunflower honey. Download commercial offer and presentation

«Tri Star Ltd»

«Tri Star» Company - a major producer of confectionery. Halva sunflower, peanut or sesame seeds, with and without additives, various types of pills, caramel bar of sunflower, peanut or sesame - any sweet tooth will find a treat in a variety of flavors, shapes and formulations. Products offered for export: Sweets, dragee, caramel bars (kozinaki) and halva. Download: Commercial offer and Catalogue of products

Agricultural Limited Liability Company “AgroMaster”

“AgroMaster” company grows and sells wheat, corn, soya, peas, buckwheat, sunflower, olive oil, rape, barley and wheat grains. At present, the Ukrainian company is interested in exporting wheat of hard varieties for 1000 tons. Download: Commercial offer

«GFS Global Trade Ltd»

GFS is the largest producer of desserts and ready-made meals in Ukraine using deep freeze technology. Assortment includes more than 100 items of products represented in the categories: cakes and desserts, ready meals, frozen bakery products, beverages, semi-prepared foods, donuts and muffins. Download: General Information and Product Catalogue

«Ukrainian Organics» LLC

«Ukrainian Organics» LLC – one of the biggest manufacturers of 100% organic soil improvers and fertilizers based on sapropel in Europe. The company covers a full technical cycle of sapropel extraction, processing, packing and bulk sales. Products offered for export: 100% soil improver and fertilizer. Download: Commercial Offer, Presentation, Technical data sheet


«ELITEX» LLC – one of the leading exporters of wheat flour of premium grade and bread grade, refined sunflower oil, buckwheat, flakes, natural honey, corn flour and buckwheat flour, tomato pasta and gluten free products. Products offered for export: wheat flour of premium grade and bread grade and others. Download: commercial offer, presentation buckwheat and flakes, presentation honey.

«Clover Groupe» LLC 

The company is a commercial (brokerage) company that stands between producers and buyers of goods in the agricultural, food, biofuel and other products around the world and contributes to their rapid implementation. Ukrainian exporter of food products (sunflower-oil, wheat, grain soybean itc.). Download: presentation and address letter 


The aim of the company is to supply customers with goods and services of the highest quality and acceptable prices. LLC “Krupyaniy dim” is one of the major player in the Ukrainian market of export and agricultural products trade. Products offered for export:  millet, polished peas, wheat groats, peeled barley, pearl barley, corn grits (groats), wheat flour. Download commercial offer

«August – Kiy» Ltd.

«August – Kiy» Ltd., a manufacturer of foodstuffs of agricultural origin (groats, flour, sugar itc.), is looking for foreign trade partners for export of its goods. Download: сommercial offer, price, certificate, presentation.


«UkrTechnoFoods» company - a developer and a manufacturer of food machinery. Products offered for export: National types of bread: Armenian and Georgian lavash, Uzbek flatbread, matnakash, tortilla, pita and chapattis and others; Bread rings, grissini and taralli; Pasta; Lingering and biscuit cookies, crackers; Sugar cookies: Puff pastry and phyllo dough (lamination); Puff products; Croissants; Biscuits; Cakes and rolls; Sweet biscuit sticks; and other confectionery. As well as: Equipment for fast food; Electric tunnel oven; Conveyor system. Download commercial offer

«Ukrainian Solution» LLC

«Ukrainian Solution» LLC - an import/export consulting company based in Kyiv. The company offers a comprehensive and best-quality service, serving as a communication link between buyers and sellers around the world. Products offered for export: Mineral natural hydrocarbonate sodium boric medicinal-drinking water; Zeolite; Vodka. Download: commercial offer water, commercial offer zeolite, commercial offer vodka, price list of vodka

PJSC “Poultry Factory “VASILKIVSKA”

Public joint stock company “Poultry Factory “VASILKIVSKA” – producer of dry and liquid egg products, dry brewer’s yeasts. Products offered for export: egg powder, yolk powder, dried fermented yolk, white egg powder, liquid egg mélange, liquid egg yolk, dry brewer’s yeasts. Download commercial offer

Maritime Inter Service LLC

Maritime Inter Service LLC., a fast-growing supplying company with the main focus on agricultural products. Products offered for export: wheat, barley, rye, oats, corn, sunflower, soya, rape, flax, millet, sorghum, beans, peas, mustard, buckwheat, different kinds of oils, flour, etc. Download commercial offer

Gubernia-2009 LLC

Gubernia-2009 dynamic company which main activity is focused on wheat flour export. Products offered for export: wheat flour of Ukrainian origin, produced from high quality wheat, GMO free, for production of all types of bakery, confectionery and culinary products. Packing: polypropylene 25/50kg bags. Any trademark and logo can be printed at customer’s request. Download: commercial offer and presentation


“AMTEK TRADE” LLC - producer of special food in Ukraine. The company offered for export chicken, turkey, pork and beef meat, sunflower oil, eggs, soft drinks, grocery, groats. Download commercial offer.


The company is the only producer of children's and special food in the Ukraine. All products meet the international standards ISO 9001: 2009 and HACCP and is certified in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation. The company produces and offered for export infant milk for the children from 0 months and older - TM “Malysh”, “Malutka Premium”, “Malutka” porridge “Malyshka” and a children's water “Malysh”. Download: presentation and commercial offer


The company presents its trademark – TM «Zdravlyk» - a producer and supplier of live cooled Burgundy snail in shell, refrigerated snail meat, cook-chill food of Burgundy snail, snail mucus on «MullerOne» technology of extraction. Products offered for export: live cooled Burgundy snail in shell, refrigerated snail meat TM «Zdravlyk». Download commercial offer


«Ukrainian Private Equity Fund" LLC - widely known in Ukraine and abroad as a supplier of corn and sunflower oil. Product quality and safety of production is confirmed by special certificates. Quality inspection, quantity and weight is carried out by SGC or equivalent at seller’s expense. The company offered for export: Corn and Sunflower oil (refined). Download: commercial offer (corn) and commercial offer (sunflower oil)


«AGRARIAN CENTER» - Ukrainian leading agricultural company. Products offered for export: vegetables, fruits, cereals, flour, sugar, meat, oil (sunflower, soybean, rapeseed), grain crops. Download: presentation, catalogues and price-lists


The company is a innovative enterprise, which specializes in the manufacturing and selling of Food products, Agricultural machinery and equipment. Products offered for export: Food industry products: meat, dairy, oils, confectionary and bakery goods, honey, freeze-dried foods, canned fruits and vegetables, baby food, salt.. Agriculture products: grains, crops, pulses, fertilizers. Equipment for food industry : technological lines and equipment from European producers for manufacturing of bakery goods, butter and spreads, for boiling and frying, processing of grains, drying of vegetables and fruits. Download: Presentation and Catalogue 

«Stolychnyj Mlyn» LLC

The company is a leading enterprise, which manufactures and supplies of high-quality wheat flour. Products offered for export: wheat flour, wheat bran pellets. Download: presentation, commercial offer, addressing letter.   


The company is widely known in Ukraine and abroad, which manufactures and supplies for the manufacture of flour bakery, pasta and confectionery. Products offered for export: Wheat Flour Premium Grade, Wheat Flour First Grade and Rye Flour. Download: presentation, commercial offer and catalogue

“Askania-Pack” LLC

The company is the largest national manufacturer of foodstuff in portion pack and leading official distributor in Ukraine of wide range of flexible packaging materials from international manufacturers. The company provides comprehensive customer service in food in portioned pack like stick, square for dry products; stick, dip, sachet - for a paste like products. Download: presentation, catalogue and commercial offer.

“Ukrainske zerno” LLC (Ukrainian grain)

The company is the biggest manufacturer of ready mixed feed for farm animals in Ukraine. The main purpose of the “company’s mixed feeds is full and healthy feeding for all types of hens as broilers and egg producers, as well as for turkeys and quails. Download Commercial offer

"Shevchenko Food Factory" LTD

The company is a one of the biggest Ukrainian producers of ecologically pure food products with many year’s management experience and constant modernization of equipment and production technology. Products offered for export: oat flakes, cereals, wheat flour, oat biscuits, grissini, wheat flakes, muesli, grains, buckwheat flakes. Download: Price list No.1 and Price list No.2

“Lauffer Foods” LLC

«Lauffer Foods» LLC – a top-ten Ukrainian processing company and one of the world leaders in the flour milling and baking segments. It is also a large producer and food exporter of products in the oil and fat line. Products offered for export: sweet canned (jams), vegetable canned (cucumber, tomatoes), sauces, adjika, lecho and cookies. Download: commercial offer, presentation and price list

“Ekobiotek – Ukraine LTD” 

Modern enterprise with the full cycle of processing organic products. The company produces unrefined sunflower oil of first mechanical extraction, unrefined winterized sunflower oil of first mechanical extraction, refined winterized deodorize sunflower oil and sunflower oilcake which has 35% of protein. Products offered for export: refined deodorized winterized sunflower oil in bulk (by flexi tanks) and in 0.5 / 0.87 / 1 / 3 / 5 Liters РЕТ bottles. Download: commercial offer, cover letter

"Ravenswood Impex LP" (RWIMPEX)

It is a joint British-Ukrainian multimodal agricultural trading company. The export goods are delivered to EU countries, African and Middle East countries. The company’s products meet demands of global market. RW IMPEX provides high quality Ukrainian agricultural products. Products offered for expert: frozen poultry (chicken, turkey), sunflower seeds, oil, corn oil, butter, flour, walnut, sugar, canned goods, and cheese. Download commercial offer, catalogue of products


The company is specialized in agricultural trading. Products offered for export: corn, wheat and other goods of Ukrainian origin. Download commercial offer


The comoany is a unique high tech enterprise in CIS for producing high quality and effective supplement feeds: premixes and concentrated feed. Products offered for export: Vitamin-Mineral Premix, Albuminous Vitamin-Mineral Additives (AVMA). Download: commercial offer, price list, presentation part 1 and presentation part 2

"Zahidtransservice LLC”

The company’s portfolio of producers counts 53 enterprises from various sectors of the Ukrainian economy. Products offered for export: sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, linseed oil, soybean oil, wheat, corn/maize, soya beans, rape seeds, feed barley, barley, sunflower seeds, pea, sugar, wheat flour, butter ghee, milk, yoghurt, dried milk, chicken eggs, egg powder, desugarized dry egg white (albumen), dry pasteurized egg yolk, dry fermented thermostable egg yolk, chicken meat, sunflower honey, oak planks, pine logs & planks, pellet white, pellet light brown. Download: Addressing letter, commercial offer, catalogue of products

“Obriy-V” LLC
“Obriy-V” LLC is a leading agricultural enterprise of Ukraine in breeding and selling breeding animals. Products offered for export: bulls and breeding young stock of cattle of dairy and beef breeds from Ukraine and Europe. Download: commercial offer_bulls and commercial offer_breeding cattle

 Ukr-Agro Products” LLC

The company is agro-industrial complex, which provides services of full cycle from purchase of crop primary products and their processing to finished products, packaging and delivery of finished goods to the warehouse of the customer turnkey. roducts offered for export: premium and first-grade wheat flour, the range of groats and flakes. Download commercial offer


The company representing “Kulindorovskiy BPP” which produces one of the best wheat for inner market of Ukraine. Products offered for export: Wheat flour Premium and First Grades. Download commercial offer


The private enterprise producing high quality honey. Products offered for export: Natural honey. Download: commercial offer, introduction letter


The company is a supplier of foodstuff products, also metal roll, products for heavy industry and shipbuilding branch. Products offered for export: wheat flour, sunflower oil, dairy products, fruit juices, grain. Download commercial offer  

“AGRO-VIGS Research and Production Company” LLC

The company is one of the leaders in the development and production of high tech machines for post-harvest crop handling. Products offered for export: machines for cleaning, drying, sorting and calibration of grain with capacity from 3 to 150 tons per hour. Download commercial offer

Electrogasochem, Ltd

The company develops, manufactures and supplies excipients for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries. Products offered for export: emulsifiers and pastes on its bases, defoaming agents, crystallizing agents, improving agents, antioxidants; hard fat, stearic acid fine powder. Download: commercial offers, catalogues

LLC "Ukrainian Ecological Group"

The company is one of producers of agricultural products. Products offered for export: birch water, natural juices, organic juices, Ukrainian therapeutic mineral waters as well as honey. Download: commercial offer on water and juices and commercial offer on honey

“Sellfish Group” LLC

The company is one of the leading processors and exporters of shelled and walnut kernels in Ukraine. Products offered for export: shelled and walnuts. Walnut kernels and peeled are represented by the following kinds: butterfly, quarter, vosmushka and mix. Download commercial offer

“Vanakov” LLC 

The company specializing in recycling and transportation of agricultural goods. 

Products offered for export: high quality calibrated sunflowers seeds in husk and hulled (kernel for confectionery / snacks / bakery industry). Download commercial offer

SE "Artyomsol"

It is the enterprise with more than 130-year history. The company has been exported rock salt to CIS countries and to EU for many years. Production capacity of the enterprise exceeds 7 million tons per year. Products offered for export: rock salt (food common salt, salt for industrial use). Download commercial offer


Products offered for export: Potato Chips ТМ “Snekkin”; Sunflower seeds, kernels, mixed seeds TM "SEMKI"; Wheat-rye crackers with different flavors TM “Snekkin”; Rye toasts with different flavors TM “Snekkin”; Peanuts roasted salted ТМ “Kozatska slava”; Pistachios ТМ "МACHO"; Potato plates with different flavors TM “KartoFan”. Download: commercial offer, general information

PJS “State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine”

Products offered for export: Wheat flour (Premium Grade) and Wheat flour (First Grade). Download: commercial offer, information materials


Products offered for export: wheat, rye in the grain, barley, oats, corn (maize), rice, grain sorghum, buckwheat, millet & canary seed, oil seeds/misc. grains /med. plants/straw, animal or vegetable fats, oils & waxes. Download commercial offer

XXVIII International Agricultural Exhibition "AGRO-2016"which will take place June, 8-11, 2016 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Information on the potential of Ukrainian agricultural exports.

Organizer of the exhibition event and address: TD Promfininvest Ltd, Post address: office №152, 5-B Anri Barbusse Str., Kyiv, 03150.


Products offered for export: Corn (maize) starch; Waxy corn (maize) starch; Wheat starch; Modified starches; Maltodextrins; Cold- swellable (pregel) Starches; Vital wheat gluten; Glucose syrup; High- maltose syrup; Glucose- fructose syrup (GFS); Gluten free wheat starch; Gluten free bakery mixes; Wheat flour; Wheat bran pellets; Corn oil (crude); Corn gluten meal (CGM); Sugar beet pulp pellets (SBPP); Beet Sugar; Cereals: wheat, corn, barley; Waxy corn grain; Soybeans. Download: commercial offer, information materials

Cheese Club” company

Products offered for export: natural high quality Hard and Semi-Hard cheese (from cow’s milk), whey (dried) powder, natural butter in monolith - 73%, 82,5% - only from pasteurized cow milk without vegetable oil. Download: Presentation, Price-list, Certificates

"Chumak" company

Products offered for export: ketchups, mayonnaise, pastas, spaghetti sauces, tomato pastes and sauces, cooking and condiment sauces, green peas and corns, tomato juices, sunflower oils, canned vegetables, macaroni, squash pastes, mustards, and chopped tomatoes. Download: commercial offer, presentation.

"Pivdenmlin ltd” company

The company is a producer of food industry goods under the trade mark “Miroshnik” and offers for export high grade wheat flour and pasta. Download commercial offer

Information about Review of key investment projects and needs in the agricultural sector of Ukraine and comments

Alcoholic beverage industry

«Ukrainian Solution» LLC

«Ukrainian Solution» LLC - an import/export consulting company based in Kyiv. The company offers a comprehensive and best-quality service, serving as a communication link between buyers and sellers around the world. Products offered for export: Vodka. Download: commercial offer vodka, price list of vodka

SE "Ukrspyrt" - the largest producer of high-quality alcohol and alcohol products in Ukraine. The company's products are irreplaceable in the manufacture of alcoholic beverages, pharmacy, medicine, perfume, wine, confectionery industry, animal breeding and other sectors of the economy. Download commercial offer

"Obolon" Corporation

Products offered for export: high-quality Pilsen barley malt for producing beer. Download commercial offer, presentation and general information

Articles for children

LLC «Tetrada».

Ukrainian company that produces goods for the school: notebooks, drawing albums, notepads, color paper sets for school, children's clay for sculpting, watercolors for school (watercolor, gouache), special paper products for school (atlases, maps, notebooks for school subjects), sets of cardboards and color paper children's. LLC «Tetrada» also is interested in the opportunity to participate in tenders, which are held under the patronage of UN. Download commercial offer

 Chemical industry

«Sioplast» LLC

The company is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of modern anticorrosive paintwork materials for industrial use on the basis of: epoxy, polyurethane, silicone, vinyl chloride, and many other polymeric materials. There are more than 100 types of anticorrosion resistant, waterproofing and polymer epoxide poured flooring, as well as single-component acrylic for the horizontal marking of trackway of roads. Download: offer of cooperation, offer on delivery of materials, addressing letter and catalogues of paintworks TM “Syoplast” and TM “Lan-Cor” 

“Novofert” LLC

“Novofert” LLC. – is the company, whose main purpose of activity is production of the new water-soluble NPK fertilizers with microelements, which increase yield, resistance to stress situations (drought, diseases, frost, etc.), improve plant condition, enhancing better NPK consumption from soil and increasing the amount of growth and profitability of vegeculture, bread cereals growing and viniculture. Products offered for export: wide range of  water-soluble NPK fertilizers with microelements. Download: general information, list of formulas.

Fort Financing Industry Lim

Products offered for export: organic fertilizers and peat mixture. Read more here

Forestry and wood industry


“ROBIN LLC” (TM Amberwood Ltd.) - one of the largest Ukrainian wood manufacturers of sawn softwood (pine, spruce), which grow in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine. Products offered for export: Different types of PINE products: edged boards, beams, clear boards, lamellas and laminated scantlings for window and door / fresh, insecticide, kiln-dried (if required) softwood lumber. Download: commercial offer and presentation.  

Furniture industry

Individual Entrepreneur Donchevskyi Denys Oleksandrovych

The Entrepreneur is a producer of exclusive wood and metal decorative items. Denys Donchevskyi is the founder of StarWood exclusive products design workshop. The products by StarWood workshop are designed for those who value quality, environmental friendliness and originality. Download commercial offer and catalogue.

Gamma-Plus, LLC 

Products of TM «CARLO PORTE» includes interior doors, wall panels, sliding systems and some elements of the interior produced by Ukrainian factory. The factory is situated in Kharkiv on the production facilities with the total area of about 15 ths sq.m. It is fitted out with state-of-the-art equipment and has the complete production process cycle: from timber sawing to packing of finished products. The production facilities are certified for conformity with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements. The factory manufactures a wide range of products, sold via dealer networks in Ukraine, USA and to the Middle East. Download: presentation of the company, catalogue, commercial offer

Electronic and electrical engineering

Export products catalogue “Electronic & Electrical engineering”. This catalogue is a pilot issue out of a series of publications dedicated to the goods that have a potential to be exported from Ukraine and, first of all, will introduce the scientific and R&D potential of the high tech industry. Download catalogue

Information technology

Garuda-Invest Ltd

Garuda-Invest Ltd – is an IT outsourcing company with vast experience in software development The company provides full range of software development outsourcing in such industries as Healthcare, Insurance, Public Utilities, Financial Services, Banking, Digital Entertainment, Gaming, Gambling, Betting and Mining. It currently sells its products to Canada, South Africa and Paraguay. Services offered for export: custom software development, software development consulting, dedicated development teams, quality assurance, maintenance and support, mobile application development. Download: commercial offer, introduction letter,presentation.  

Company «Hire Ukrainians Software»

Offered services: development of modern high-tech software. Download: introduction letter, presentation.

Light industry

Potential of Ukrainian Textile and Leather Industry

Limited Liability Company «ARKAT»

«Arcat» LLC. the producer of elite textile products is looking for foreign trade partners for export of its goods. Products offered for export: Bedspread and woman's kerchief. Download commercial offer

Machine–Building industry

Joint Stock Company “Elvorti”

The mission of the enterprise is the production of agricultural equipment and its spare parts, in particular, sowing, tillage machinery and equipment for the protection of plants of a high technical level on the basis of new technologies in order to maximally meet the needs of consumers. Products offered for export: Grain drill (8432301900) and Trailed sprayer (8424829100). Download commercial offer

Company “Adamas”

The Ukrainian enterprise is working in food industry since 1998. The main activity of the company is the development of technologies and equipment for the food industry. The main equipment assortment consist of: Plate-scraper butter making system (ADM-K series), Plate-scraper butter making machine (ADM series), Plate-scraper pasteurizers, Falling film water chiller, Pump equipment, Spare parts for produced equipment. Along with equipment, the Company provides services and consults the enterprises, using this type of equipment.


“AutoKrAZ” manufactures a wide range of trucks (heavy trucks) and spare parts to them, trailers and semi-trailers. Moreover, the automobile plant makes grinding balls for mining companies, car casting and various tools.

“AutoKrAZ” lineup includes 33 base models, about 350 versions and over 1500 configurations of two-, three- and four-axle conventional and cabover trucks. These are dump trucks, truck tractors, platform trucks, timber and short log trucks, chassis cabs trucks used for conversion into special vehicles, trailer and semi-trailers.

Production of KrAZ trucks is oriented to core market segments: building industry, road industry and public services, mining and logging industry, oil and gas sector, armed forces and disaster response units. Download catalogue of products

«Trade House Odeskabel» LLC

The company specializes in realization of all range of cabling and wiring products of major cable factories of Ukraine, Belarus and others. The company sells hi-tech cable products which are widely used in building, manufacturing, energy supply, transport, tube railroads, railways and other productive industries. Besides, «Trade House Odeskabel» LLC offers a wide range of electrical equipment from household lamps up to transformer stations. A variety of related products help us to carry out comprehensive supplies to consumers. Products offered for export: Self-supporting Insulated Wire (SIP-1, SIP-2; Self-supporting Insulated and Protected Wire (SIP-3, SIP-4); Power Cable with cross-linked polyethylene insulation (AL); Power Cable with cross-linked polyethylene insulation (CU); Fiber-Optic Cables and other. Download: commercial offer and presentation.

UPEC Industrial Group - one of Ukraine’s largest private industrial companies, occupying a leading position in several product segments and in manufacturing for the largest OEMs in the CIS, uniting a number of leading manufacturing companies and engineering centers with more than half a century of history. Products offered for export: disc harrows; stubble cultivators; subsoilers; wide-level spring harrows; units for soil fertilization and crop protection products; system carrier and seedbed cultivators. Download: presentation and commercial offer

Azov Shiprepair Yard (‘SRZ’ Ltd)

The company is the largest multifunctional enterprise. It specializes in ship-repair, modernization and building of watercrafts, manufacture of engineering products and transshipment of different types of cargoes in Mariupol, in the territory of Priazovye under jurisdiction of Ukraine. Download: commercial offer, presentation 

RosUkrMechanika, LLC

Products offered for export: Industrial and special reduction gearboxes, optional equipment by technical specifications and drawings of the customer. Download: commercial offer, general information, cataloque of products.

Trading House "Service Vehicles", LLC

Trading House "Service Vehicles", LLC is representative of the group of companies "VLIV", which produces communal service vehicles. Products offered for export: Containers for domestic wastes, Bulky waste containers, Compactors, Side loading RCV, Rear loading RCVs, Skiplifters, Hooklifters. Download: general information, catalog of products.

Metallurgical engineering

“Dneprovsky Special Tubes Plant” LLC

The Plant is the modern enterprise that produces annually about 200.000 meters of special tubes of different grade in a diameter range from 0.23 up to 159.0 mm and wall thickness from 0.05 up to 9.0 mm. Products offered for export: seamless cold-deformed tubes of stainless steels, scale-resistant and heat-resistant steels and alloys, Ti and Ti-based alloys, refractory meals, aluminum and its alloys, nonferrous metals and alloys as well as short-radius elbows (Rmed ≤ 0.7…1.0 OD). Rods with special surface treatment and wire, including high-strength wire, wire of stainless and alloyed steels, nickel and its alloys. Download commercial offer


Sitka Zahid is a reliable company, which produce, and sells various types of wire mesh. Products offered for export: Metal mesh & fencing manufacturer. Download: commercial offer, presentation, declaration and certificate.

«Dniprodzerzhinsky Steelmaking Plant»

The company produces steel and iron smelting (spherical and sharpener), low-carbon steel fraction (the only producer in Ukraine), as well as steel castings of structural non-alloy steel and alloyed cast iron, etc. Download commercial offer

«New Technologies Ltd»

«New Technologies Ltd» –producer of hydrocyclones and industrial rubber pipeline systems. Products offered for export: Industrial wear resistant rubber pipelines and accessories (expansion joints, elastic couplings, reducers, rubber elbows); Hydrocyclones; Pinch valves; Impellers and spare parts for slurry pumps; Custom rubber products. Download: commercial offer, company letter, catalogue


The company is a supplier of metal roll, products for heavy industry and shipbuilding branch, also foodstuff products. Products offered for export: steel angles, rebar, steel pipes, steel sheets and components. Download commercial offer 

Kremenchuk Steel Works Stockholding Company

Products offered for export: heavy and medium-size castings (side frames, bolsters, components of automatic coupler SA-3, yoke and so on) for railway cars, products for automobile industry (for example, case for heavy-duty vehicle KrAZ) as well as in manufacturing of different iron and steel castings (also according to customers' drawings). Download commercial offer.

Pharmaceutical industry and medical items production


«MDM» LLC, a manufacturer of professional disinfectants and antiseptics, looks for foreign trade partners for export of its goods. Commercial offer of the company is here. Advertisement and presentation materials are here.

PrJSC “Pharmaceutical Firm “Darnitsa”

The company is a national manufacturer of medicines, having long-standing pharmaceutical traditions. The company offers for export more 220 medicinal products. Download the list of medicinal products.

“Brovapharma” LTD

The company is one of the largest manufacturers of preparations for animal protection. Products offered for export: antiparasitic, antimicrobial, desinfectants, preparations for the reproductive organs and care of the mammary gland, for anesthesia and relaxation, vitamin-mineral complexes. Download: Presentaion, introduction letter

"Ivano-Frankivskcement" JSC

“Ivano-Frankivskcement” is one of Ukrainian leading companies in building industry. The company is the biggest producer of medical plaster bandages in CIS countries. Medical plaster bandages produced by the company meet all modern medical requirements and are distinguished by high strength and good whiteness. They are considered to be one of the best solutions in traumatology. Plaster bandages are packed in polypropylene and can be preserved for at least 5 years. Download commercial offer.

Power industry

PEs «Germes-1» and «Germes-2»

Private enterprises «Germes-1» and «Germes-2» are looking for partners and investors for construction of solar power plants with installed capacity about 5-10 MW and wind power plants. Download: Business proposal, information about the land plots and information about the enterprises

VinnytsiaElectroTekhnologiya” (VET)

The company is a unique training center where technical personnel from power companies acquire live working techniques, improve professional skills in close to real life conditions on network and substation equipment, study diagnostics and rehabilitation. Training process is fully provided with widely used electrical equipment, instruments and devices for technical maintenances, newest tool set products, protective equipment and small-scale mechanization. Training in VET gives experience in the under voltage work, up-to-date electrical equipment and software, electrical equipment repair, diagnostics and rehabilitation. Download presentation

Ukrzelenbud, LTD

Products offered for export: systems of automatic control of outdoor lighting «lunar-resonant lighting «DymA». Systems of automatic control of outdoor lighting "lunar resonance light" Dima "- an innovative, energy-saving, environmentally friendly technologies, thus preventing light pollution, light saves 90% electricity. Auto-dimming adjusts the lighting depending on the level of illumination of the sky. Download commercial offer

Voltage Group Company

The company is specialized in electrical works, industrial automation systems and solar energy projects. The Voltage Group performs range of works included design works, power substations construction, external and internal electrical network installations. Download: introduction letter

Processing industry

«Termoplast Plus LLC»

The company is Ukrainian leading manufacturer of the metal entrance doors and windows. Products offered for export outside entry doors, inside entry doors and economy doors. Download commercial offer and presentation

LLC “Factory Steko”

“Steko” is the biggest manufacturer of PVC windows and doors in Ukraine. Products offered for export: PVC constructions and Aluminium systems. Download: commercial offer and presentation

Rail industry and car building

Ukravtozapchastyna» LLC

Ukravtozapchastyna» LLC - stands a leader position in the market of tractors, agricultural and special machinery, automobiles and motorcycles, spare parts, batteries, tires, discs, lube, maintenance and repair materials. Products offered for export: accumulator batteries of own production. Spare parts (for engines, brake and exhaust systems, hydraulic equipment, tires etc.) for agricultural, municipal machines and for trucks. Also the company offers assembled tractors MTZ and KIY. Download: commercial offer and presentation

Scientific Production Company Dneprspetsmash

Products offered for export: Heavy-duty multifunctional track motor vehicle AD-01. Download: Presentation

Other industries

LLC «Liv-Energo»

The company offers novelties product RPD-250 and EСD-HID (details information is enclosed herewith). RPD-250 (0.4 A, 1A, 2A, 5A) intended for emergency disabling equipment with automatic turning on when the normalization of parameters of the mains. ECD-HID - 250PLC (blocks of 150W, 250W and 400 W). ECD-HID 250 PLC used to power gas-discharge lamp type processed lamps and DNaZ with possibility of remote and automatic control based on PLC. Download recommendations

Private enterprise «Divotsvit»

The company is Ukrainian producer of the wide range of building materials. Products offered for export: water-emulsion paints, varnishes, glue, wallpaper glue, the products in the box, styrene putty-acrylic, products for gardening. Download commercial offer

State Enterprise “Ukrainian Amber”

SE “Amber Ukraine” is the only enterprise in Ukraine, which is engaged in the extraction and processing of amber from the fields of Ukraine. They manufacture stone products, jewelry products with precious metal, paintings and amber souvenirs. Products made only from natural stone of own mining. Download Commercial offer and List of products


The enterprise is a producer of foods for repair and construction (power tools and welding equipment, park and garden equipment, abrasive wheels, hand and consumable tools). Download commercial offer. Business Proposal of LLC «KT UKRAINE» is available here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=16sz1g3SJ9S_vxiJTKBpI3TWQn47myaSe. Presentation of LLC «KT UKRAINE» is available here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1j7bLjXK3bT_lEBf4Z7HpGIcZmupoKA1T.

Nikiforov” factory

Ukrainian company is a producer of copper and tube or pipe fittings (e.g. coupling, elbows, sleeves) - products of 7412 HCDCS group (Harmonized commodity description and coding system). Download commercial offer and catalogue

“KRAFT Deckensysteme Ukraine LTD”

The company is the biggest manufacturer of various types of suspended ceilings in Ukraine and one of the biggest manufacturers in the world. Nowadays, they are already the leader in the Ukrainian market and have stable positions in many export directions. All manufactured products pass quality control during production, as well as certification in Ukraine and the European Union (EU). Download catalogue

"Hlibodar" LLC 

"Hlibodar" LLC is looking for partners for selling a pig-breeding complex (commercial offer 1) and an integral propery complex cottage township (commercial offer 2).

“Mashzavod” LLC

Mashzavod” LLC specializes in manufacturing equipment for oil refining and petrochemical enterprises, gas and oil transportation systems, for the arrangement of gas and oil fields, storage facilities for liquefied gas, etc. Download: Certificate, List of main projects and List of equipment.

Scientific and manufacturing enterprise «DNEPROENERGOSTAL» LTD 

«DNEPROENERGOSTAL» LTD – rendering services to industrial enterprises in the sphere of water and air basin protection and second energy resources use. Products offered for export: supply of aspiration and gas purification equipment and its spare parts. Download commercial offer

State Enterprise Gas Turbine Scientific Production Complex “ZARYA-MASHPROEKT” 

SE “ZARYA-MASHPROEKT” - one of the world leaders in gas turbine construction. The company is designing and constructing gas turbines for sea-going merchant fleet and navy, for power industry and gas transport mains opening up new possibilities for the world. Download: presentation #1 and presentation #2

“Ukrspecsystems” LLC

The company provides flexible UAV solutions for military and civil use, including UAV airframes, gyro-stabilized gimbals with EO and IR sensors, tactical multirotor drones, ground control stations and supportive equipment. Featuring latest technologies and progressive engineering we offer high quality products for affordable prices. Products offered for export: UAV Guider, Copter – PC-1, gyro stabilized gimbals. Download: Commercial offer, presentation of PD-1, PC-1, UAS-201, UAS-301, UAS-302, USG-212


It is a profile institute specializing in the road and rail infrastructure design, industrial, civil, residential buildings.  The Institute carries out the full range of engineering surveys, including geodetic, geological, ecological and hydrometeorological ones; develops design and estimate documentation for construction of railway infrastructure facilities, motor roads, industrial and civil construction at various design stages, beginning with basic design solutions and ending with the project and engineering documentation. Download commercial offer

“Bag filter factory” LTD

“Bag filter factory” LTD– one of the leading companies in the manufacture of removable filter elements (production of bag, bag filters, filter sectors) as well as filter systems: industrial plant cleaning gases and dust, ventilation and air conditioning system, liquid filtration. Products offered for export: Bag filters for air purification and dust collector filter cage. Download: commercial offer, presentation, general information

Private Join Stock Company “UkrNIIOGas”

PJSC “UkrNIIOGas” is the leading research and development enterprise in matters of engineering, testing and implementation of dust and gas collection equipment.

Products offered for export: 1) Design estimates for environmental projects related to air purification, including glue gas cleaning, ventilation, waste and emission inventory, physical and chemical investigation of wastes and emissions; 2) Design and manufacturing of any non-standard fabricated metals related to environmental projects; 3) Waste management; landfills projecting. Download commercial offer

VINIL, LLC (wallpapers and similar wallcoverings)

Products offered for export: wallpapers and similar wallcoverings, consisting of paper coated or covered, on the face side, with a grained, embossed, colored, design-printed or otherwise decorated layer of plastics. Download: commercial offer, recommendation letter

Investment projects

Rehabilitation and Health Complex “Pokrovska Dolina”

Creation of the rehabilitation and health complex for rehabilitation and health improvement of the people which came through cardiovascular diseases, combatants and disabled people on the basis of the cottage township “Pokrovska Dolina”. Target groups – people who suffered stroke, who has a dysfunction of spinal cord due to spinal cord injury or disease, cerebro-cranial injury. Download investment project


WoodRover is a young Ukrainian team that produces unique rovers made of wood and looking for investors with the aim to develop this business. Download: investment project, presentationmaterials

Investment Projects Database - information about investment projects in Ukraine

"Business Sharks" - looking for partners for realization innovation projects "Luciding" and "ABC, Talk With Me"


Dilova Panorama (Business Panorama) published by the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It contains legal and normative acts, financial and economic reviews and forecasts, commercial proposals of domestic and foreign enterprises, information about exhibitions and fairs, business meetings, business missions, etc.

Investment project in Hertsa district

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